Pathology results are Final

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We just had the final pathology report and the sarcoma is vaccine related.  We have final a case with Merial and I’m waiting to see if they will help with any of the Vet costs.    Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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6 thoughts on “Pathology results are Final”

  1. Okay, at least you have some answers and can move forward.

    Kerren, kitty Mona’s Mom, alo g with severalmothers here, have been through the process and can guide you.

    This just piffes me off! We try and do everything for our furbabies and then a pharmaceutical mo ey grubbing drug company messes things up!!

    And Midnight is getting on with living a quality life!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I agree completely. The drug companies need to make this process easier for us. They want the vaccination history back as far as possible then the Vet at Merial needs to talk with my Vet and make an offer. Very time consuming and frustrating.

  3. The vet would be most helpful get some or all costs covered since the vet is the “customer”. My vet contacted the pharma company and they sent the cheque to the vet who signed it over to me. If your vet doesn’t help let me know.

  4. My Vet is fantastic. She was a bulldog about the pathology report and insisted on about 5 pathologists providing a reading before she was happy. I’m sure she will do everything possible to get us some funds from Merial. It’s just so time consuming.

  5. We are sorry on the pathology report! What was the Merial Vaccine? Just asking we for future reference .We do not vaccinate anymore, but did and used the purevax rabies.
    Thats fantastic your vet is a bulldog! Time consuming and should not be! Its crazy they can continue giving these vaccines!
    Glad to hear she is fighting for you guys!
    Give Midnight a chin scratch from us!
    Hugs to you
    Holly & Purrkins

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