Stitches GONE YEAH!!!

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Midnight had her stitches removed today.  She is very excited now.  She is still not happy that we will not let her outside.

We tried a harness and that didn’t work too well.  Midnight just flattened out on the ground.  Will continue to try other options so she can enjoy the outdoors.  Can’t and won’t let her out by herself any longer.img_2297

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5 thoughts on “Stitches GONE YEAH!!!”

  1. CO CONGRATULATIONS MIDNIGHT!! Those old pesky stitches are gone!!

    I loooove this photo of you! ADORABLE!!

    Maybe you coukd get o e of those X Pens (I think that’s what they’re called) and Midnight could sit outside. Obviously, you’d have to figure out how to cover the top.

    Happy Thanksgiving Midnight and humans!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Yeah for stitches out! As for Midnight getting her outdoor time…
    Keep trying the harness inside, slowly few minutes or seconds a day followed by treats;) You can then carry her out so she sees this means I’m going outside. We did this with our guys and they no longer do the freeze;) They love going outside. They are indoor only cats but get outdoor time with us. We have a tent for cats , if she doesn’t get past the freeze ,but I do believe in time she will! This Tents (ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats) works well we did that before we got the harness. We do not ever leave them unattended in the tent. Just some ideas to try. Bird feeders on the window are also a huge enjoyment for our cats!
    Keep healing Midnight 😉
    You look sooo pretty!
    Its all upward from here!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. I’ll try the harness like you suggest. I think she will get used to it before long. Don’t want to let her out without supervision.
    My Vet is still trying to get an accurate reading on the cancer. She plans to send the leg to UGA next week because she was not happy with the inconsistencies from the 1st lab.

  4. Midnight you have the look on your face like “See, I TOLD you so Maw!”

    If you find that perfect harness, let us know OK? Sorry you didn’t like that first one. I’ll bet there’s one out there that’s just right.

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